Midterm Advice From an Honor Roll Student


Sasha Callaway '23, Editor-in-Chief of 'The Legend'

Everyone’s least favorite time of the year has finally arrived! The stress of midterms is incomparable compared to our regular academic stress, but through my years at Austin Prep as a consistent honors-scoring student, I have found many tips and tricks that will make the coming week easier for you! 

  • Plan Ahead

Personally, I have found that I achieve my best success when I begin studying for each exam three days before the test date. Not only does this make an organized schedule, but it also forbids any chance of over and understudying. By allowing yourself three days of consistent preparation, you are able to mentally divvy the work between the days, and make a firm schedule that is worked personally around your life. Simply, divide the number of units being covered on the test by three, and you can create personal deadlines that promise the perfect amount of studying. 

  • Connect With Teachers

Despite the popular belief that teachers are trying to make midterms as stressful as possible, they actually encourage seeking help from them and add additional extra-help hours during this period. Throughout my time at Austin Prep, I have never had a teacher deny helping me, especially when it comes to midterms. The teachers at AP are understanding and want to help you. More often than not, they find times to help you around your schedule, give you personalized advice, and acknowledge your efforts. Lastly, this help is already included in your tuition!  Simply put, there is no reason to not reach out for help during this time.

  • Take Advantage of the Half-Days

Although the half-days that the student body receives on their testing days seem like a good time to hang out with friends, to succeed in these exams it is crucial that one takes advantage of this extra time to study! Especially if you have an exam the next day that you particularly struggle with, use this time to further review and meet with your teacher(s). At the end of the day, you will not miss out on going to the Woburn Chick-Fil-A with your friends, but you will regret not studying when you do not receive the grade you had wanted. 

  • Take Breaks!

From personal experience, I know all too well how easy it is to get wrapped into your studying and almost forbid yourself from stopping. However, this can quickly lead to burnout, unnecessary stress, fatigue, and over-studying. Personally, I have found that taking a break every 1. 5 hrs to watch a little bit of Youtube or Netflix actually maximizes the amount of information that I retain. If you do not give your brain a break, it is more probable than not that you will encounter one of the negative effects mentioned above. 

  • Get Rest

Particularly if you have a test the next day, it is imperative that one has a full 8-hour’s worth of sleep. Researcher Tom Ryan from the Sleep Foundation states that “Good sleep can pay off even the night before an exam. Some studies have found that getting a full night’s sleep before taking an exam is correlated with better grades and a higher overall GPA”(A Study Guide to Getting Sleep During Exams, T.Ryan). While doing the traditional late-night study cram, it is very possible that you won’t even remember the information you are trying to digest as you are already half asleep! Instead of doing this, realize that you have done your best for the day and get some rest to ensure that you retain the other information you had studied. 

Midterms are one of the most stressful times as a high school student, so it is necessary that we take care of ourselves. During this time, take care of yourself, of your friends, and do not push yourself past your limits. On a final note for after midterms, do not define yourself by the grade you received. You have tried your best, and that is more than enough! Best of luck with your exams!



Ryan, Tom. “Why Sleep Can Help You Ace Your Final Exams.” Sleep Foundation, 19 May 2021, https://www.sleepfoundation.org/school-and-sleep/final-exams-and-sleep.