Puppy Bowl XX

Puppy Bowl XX

Now that February has started, the biggest football game of the year will be displayed on national television on February 11th. The long-awaited Puppy Bowl XX is finally here! 

Teams Ruff and Fluff will fur-ociously compete for the Lombarky Trophy for the 20th time since it started in 2005. This year’s Puppy Bowl will be streamed on Animal Planet at 2 pm ET. Watch as a total of 131 puppies from 73 shelters nationwide will battle it out for the championship.

Some exceptional players to look out for this year on Team Ruff are Bark Purdy the chihuahua mix, Stryker the border collie mix, Vanessa the Yorkshire terrier mix, Guy Fureri the shepherd and poodle mix, Moosh the Australian shepherd mix, Mr. Bean the papillon mix, Lady Luck the poodle, and Sonny the chihuahua and miniature schnauzer mix. This solid lineup for Team Ruff could very well be the team that takes back the Lombarky Trophy from Team Fluff. Some top players from Team Fluff include Cronut the shar-pei, Harvey the pug, Francine the pug, Beignet the dachshund mix, Linus the hound mix, Patrick Mabones the hound mix, Fred the terrier mix, and last but certainly not least, Levi the great dane. It is safe to predict that the rivalry between Bark Purdy and Patrick Mabones will be ecstatic, especially among the audience. The genetic herding capabilities of Moosh will help play a big role in Team Ruff’s defense. Levi will for sure be a star player for Team Fluff as his great size will be able to overpower some of the smaller dogs.

These pups will no doubt put on an amazing show as this game will be high-scoring and explosive with touchdowns and tackles. Warner Bros. Discovery also mentioned how the puppies will not only play the game, but also operate the cameras and lighting as well as stage managing from the control room. If you are more of a cat person, during the halftime show, the puppies will leave the field, and the kitties will take the field and put on a spectacular performance. But what we are all wondering is, will this be Team Ruff’s year to break Team Fluff’s 2-year winning streak? Make sure to tune in and find out!

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