Stations of the Cross


Stations of the Cross is always something I look forward to. During my middle school experience, I was a part of Stations of the Cross, and really enjoyed it. It was both educational and fun. The infamous shadows are really hard to get to look sharp, so it’s a process when determining how far you need to be away from the screen. This year, I can say that the girls did really well, and had very crisp, clean silhouettes. Their movements were very elegant and the entire performance was incredibly well done. The voiceover was very soothing, the deep voice held lots of emotion. The lighting aspect could have been a bit softer so the in-person audience wouldn’t see the girls exiting the stage. For those who enjoy a quiet, emotional display, this year’s Stations of the Cross would have been perfect for you. 

Stations of the Cross consist of 14 stations. In the first station, Jesus is condemned to death. Pontius Pilate frees Barabbas instead of Jesus. In the second station, Jesus takes up his Cross. In the third station, Jesus falls for the first time. In the fourth station, Jesus meets his Mother who’s filled with sorrow. In the fifth station, Simon helps Jesus carry the Cross. Even when the crowd hated Jesus, he stood out and helped Jesus. In the sixth station, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Like Simon, She pushed away those who talked about her and defied everyone who was against Jesus. In the seventh station, Jesus falls for the second time. In the eighth station, Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem who were upset about how The Lord was being treated. In the ninth station, Jesus falls for the third time. In the tenth station, Jesus is stripped of his garments. They were then taken by soldiers leaving Jesus with only a small garment. In the eleventh station, Jesus is nailed to the Cross. He’s placed next to two other criminals who asked for God’s forgiveness. In the twelfth station, Jesus dies on the Cross for us. In the thirteenth station, Jesus is taken down from the Cross by Joseph. In the last station, Jesus is laid in the tomb. There, his mother, Mary, stayed with him and was filled with sorrow.

These stations have taught Christians around the world how Jesus died on the cross for us. They give each person who reads about these stations an emotional understanding of how Jesus felt when dealing with these stations. Jesus teaches us to never give up and to believe in ourselves, even when others don’t believe in us. This year’s Stations of the Cross was a beautiful display of each person’s emotions during the event of Jesus’ dance. The dancers did a wonderful job and I’m excited to see what next year’s performance will hold.