Winter Track and Field Season Highlights


Valeria Centinaro '23, Writer

This year’s Track & Field Team was a smashing success! Each week, the team of runners worked hard and performed at 100% at every single meet! As a new member of the team, I was able to endure the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere this team holds. Not only is it full of hard-working runners, but also intelligent, kind, and determined students and coaches who show up every day ready for a new challenge. Head Coaches Brad Harkins and Nicolle Renick work diligently to assist each athlete in becoming the best they can be, and teach their players about the importance of hard work and persistence. Our captains, Steven Galatis, Chloe Ciano, Nico Fanuele, and Brendan Mccarthy led the team to success through their constant support and encouragement, leading to a positive environment for all team members. This year, the team competed at Reggie Lewis Center, Wheaton College, and Boston University! At each meet, the team walked in with adrenaline and focus, and walked out with pride and a new PR!  This year’s members achieved several different accomplishments through these couple months in several different events. Here are some of those highlights: 

The boys and girls are going to nationals!! The Boys Sprint Medley Relay of Nico Fanuele, Colby Mederios, Tristan Miller, and Steven Galatis qualified for Nationals in a 3:44.6 and then passed the school record by over 6 seconds to run 3:32.14! The Girls Sprint Medley Relay of Eliza Martin, Caitlin Fennessy, Isabella Tomic, Anya Budzinski ran in a 4:22.62 and qualified for Nationals at The Northeast Invitational! 

Cailin Fennessy smashed the school record in a Triple Jump of 30’10”.

Some other achievements are the girls 4×800 consisting of Sophia DiNanno, Colleen Simmons, and Cailin Fennessy qualify for states! 

Trevor Coughlin, Colby Mederios, and Cailin Fennessy qualify for states in the 600m!

Madi Valade qualified for states in the 1 mile in a 5:47! 

Tristan Miller (37.89), Isabella Tomic, and Eliza Martin qualified in the 300m in 43.75 and 44.56! 

If sprinting, jumping, running, or shot-put interest you, Cross Country or Track & Field is the place for you! The positive environment and energy are unmatchable, and everyone gets to feel like they are of importance within the community. As competitive as it is, put in the effort, and you will know how fast you can really be!