‘The Matrix’ Movie Review and Fate


Doris Du '24, Writer

“How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” said the leader in the real world, Morpheus. As The Matrix first hit screens in 1999, it structured an unprecedented story that the human race is employed as a source of power. Their brains are connected to the matrix while their bodies are sleeping. According to the main plot, the machine program that plays the role of maintaining order in the movie seems as if a firewall or intrusion detection program, a leader agent named Smith, and his teams are stopping Morpheus’s rescue mission. The Matrix directed by Wachowskis is known for its main idea that reality is an illusion. It is a must-see movie for those who enjoy themes about the illusion of reality and love action-filled special effects. 

The main setting of The Matrix deals with the issue of truth and falsehood. The protagonist of the movie, Neo, was inspired by Morpheus and started to discover the real world by following hacker Morpheus’s lead. As Neo gradually realizes that he has been living in a virtual world, which is the true version of the world he is living in now. He also found out that computer programs are taking over human beings. Meanwhile, fate and predestination are also the main thoughts of this movie. Artificial intelligence achieves control over human beings by predicting and controlling their actions. The main character Neo of the film is considered to be the prophesied “savior” and his appearance is considered to be destiny. The film raises a philosophical question that are we bound by fate or can we change our destiny? In conclusion, The Matrix is also a philosophical film that evokes deep thoughts from the audience by exploring issues such as free will, truth, falsehood, and fate. This movie made a crucial impact on our lives and values.

From a female perspective, the film portrayed some representative women characters. First, there are relatively few women in this movie, one of the important characters is Trinity. Trinity is very independent and reliable. In this virtual world, her presence also represents a kind of hope and strength, and she is very crucial to the overall development of the storyline. Moreover, as a partner of Neo, Trinity was the key to success. She is a strong fighter and a skilled hacker. In the first movie of The Matrix trilogy, when Neo first met Trinity, he noticed that she was the hacker who cracked the IRS d-base (the IRS D-base is the Internal Revenue Service’s database). Neo was very shocked and said, “Jesus, I just thought… you were a guy.” Trinity then said, “Most guys do.” This conversation is interesting and thought-provoking. It reflected some thoughts about people’s stereotypes about men and women. 


All in all, so many lists of the “best science fiction movies of all time” include The Matrix trilogy, especially the first film, which received four Academy Awards. Although The Matrix does not rule out that technology is absolutely bad, it does warn people against advancements that take us away from fundamental human experiences like the freedom to choose for oneself, to enjoy life, and, of course, to love.