‘The Last of Us’ Review


Jasmine Labriola '26, Writer

 The Last Of Us is a dystopian series about a post-apocalyptic world. So far, this series has only two episodes, a new one releasing every weekend. For everyone who likes The Walking Dead, I recommend this series to you since it’s about a small group of survivors desperately trying to survive. Specifically, the story follows one survivor who stumbles upon a young girl. This girl may be humanity’s last and only chance at finding a cure. These newfound friends have to travel from Boston to somewhere in the west which is unspecified. Over the course of these two episodes, the main characters’ relationship and story develop slowly and clearly. Their story is definitely still in the works, but I have high hopes and expectations for them. 

         The setting itself is very interesting to see. It’s set in an abandoned and overgrown Boston, which feels oddly familiar. The scenery is ominous and very fitting for that a post-apocalyptic world. Not only this, but the backstory is very detailed, yet not dull like you may think. These short backstory scenes allow the watcher to learn more about the characters, and how society got to be like what it currently is. The backstory ties into the present-time storyline very nicely, so it’s not confusing at all. 

       Overall, I really enjoyed the start of this series, and I have to give it high standing on my list of favorites. It does pull at your heartstrings, so just be prepared for that! I would only recommend this to those in their mid-to-late teen years or above due to the language used and the aspect of violence. With that being said, this series could be a nice thing to watch with the rest of your family if you ever have a movie night.