Untitled Confession

Untitled Confession

Mia Dinunzio '24, Author

You may not understand 

Why I intently watch the dead leaves fall 

For there is another world 

It beckons me with its call 

For years it has been knocking 

For years I have ignored

It calls only certain souls 

Ones who understand that life can be both beauty and pain simultaneously 

We hear it in the whispers of the wind 

The bellows of lightning and crashes of waves 

It searches our humanity 

For the minds of wild and restless

Ones who wish to run through fields of blooming flowers 

Unfazed by the agony of living

However, I am yet to know anyone like I 

Who knows the world as well

Solidarity is my only friend 

Comfort is found in the journey of the leaves 

How they have many stories to tell

They spread hope from people 

Who entered this world to roam and wander

To others who yearn for the sense home

The sense of belonging 

Oh, how it must feel to belong