The Best Sage Dining Food


Cecilia Goldsmith '26, Writer

One of the best stations to pick up a spot of lunch at is the salad station, which is also called “Improvisations” by Sage Dining.  I would recommend this station to those who, like me, are rather picky eaters.  Sometimes, picking to have familiar food is the safest course of action when one does not know what to eat.  However, a more interesting and nutritious alternative to plain pasta or straight-up white rice I have discovered is the Sage Dining salad bar.  One of the very first misconceptions kids pick up from books and television shows, especially when they are young, is that vegetables or anything seemingly green and “healthy” is disgusting.  However, contrary to popular belief, many kids and teens do enjoy their lettuce and cucumbers and, on the days when there isn’t a single item on the menu that will satisfy their hungry stomachs, nothing could be better than a salad.  The salad bar offers a range of both perfectly bland and flavorful greens, meats, fruits, and dressings to spruce up any standard Caesar salad and please anyone.  If one wishes to simply pile their plate full of dry arugula, they can, but if another prefers to mix it up by trying all of the different toppings that are featured each day, that’s fine, too.  Some stop by the salad station to swipe a few slices of pineapple, while others look to it to add even more flavors to their already-overflowing bowl of soup.  In short, the salad bar is the safe haven of both picky and ravenous students, a place where they can fill up their empty bellies and receive enough energy to be able to persevere through the rest of the academic day with a satisfied stomach and a refreshed mind.