The Seasons of New England


Mackenzie Morris '23, Writer

The leaves change in Fall 

When the trees go dead and bare that’s when you know its Winter

The flowers bloom in Spring 

The weather is always shining, sunny, and bright in Summer

The weather is always green 

New England is where everyone comes to see the sun 


Everyone is possessed by the sun

Everyone is getting pumpkins in Fall

Everyone is going Green 

Everyone is depressed in Winter

Everyone is out in Summer

The flowers are blooming in Spring 


It is always raining in Spring 

No cloud in the sky for the shining Sun

The beach is ready for the people in Summer

The weather is always right in Fall

The snow is always falling in Winter 

The air is going too dark and grey to bright and Green


The trees are Green

The weather is warmer in spring 

Nothing is alive in Winter

Long and fun days in the Sun

The apples are right for the picking in Fall 

Things are always better in the summer

Sand is always in the car during Summer

New England is always Green 

Everyone’s favorite season is Fall

Groundhog day is the day in Spring

Everyone loves the Sun

Santa is coming in the WInter 


It gets darker in the Winter

The fourth of July is always the best day of Summer

No one is sad in the Sun

Everyone is always so happy to see the Green 

The animals are coming out in Spring

Halloween is the best season in  Fall 


Winter is always Dark, but soon everything will be Green 

Summer is always the best, the second-best is Spring

Sun is going down earlier, The days getting shorter in Fall