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The Legend

The Legend

The Student News Site of Austin Preparatory School

The Student News Site of Austin Preparatory School

The Legend

SQP’s Surmount


CHAPTER ONE: Squappapanda’s Reign


Squappapanda ruled the world.

He had so much power. And little did Cinnamon know, he closed the barrier between Carrot Land and Bunmania so that only the king himself could pass through. SQP (a.k.a Squappapanda) was the king.

Of everything.

Everyone lived under his rule. His most trustworthy mochis and the only other people who lived in his palace were his four friends: Squishy, Squashy, Squeaky, and Squirmy. He also had a whole army of mochis that were loyal to him, as well as three bodyguards. Squappapanda had absolutely everything he could ever want.

But then why wasn’t he happy? Well, SQP felt bad. He didn’t want to close the barrier between worlds, separating friends, stories, and fantasy. It just wasn’t right.

How could he repair this, though? He would give up his power and dreams if the barrier was unlocked once more.

SQP had a dilemma.


CHAPTER TWO: The Dilemma


Squappapanda couldn’t believe that ruling the world wasn’t his purpose.

From the moment he was born, SQP was intrigued by so much power. He could control everything! 

However, Squappapanda’s background wasn’t too sweet. He was teased a lot and never had any friends. Now, his allies were his army, bodyguards, and his first mates. If SQP could manage to take over the world and get revenge, he thought he wouldn’t have to feel that hurt. Everything would be perfect, but unfortunately, that was not how the world worked.

“I can’t give up, I can’t give up”, SQP repeated inside his head. “I was born for this!” But now, King Squappapanda pondered whether his destiny was to be king or to be kind.

His dilemma continued.

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