The Accuracies and Inaccuracies of Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’


Keira Welch '25, Writer

One of Netflix’s newest shows, ‘Inventing Anna’, became an immediate must-watch on the streaming platform when it was released in February. The TV series follows a Manhattan Magazine reporter, Vivan Kent, as she tries to uncover the story of Anna Delvey (aka Anna Sorokin), a New York socialite and businesswoman or a con-artist? The show stars Anna Chlumsky as Vivan Kent and Julia Garner as Anna Delvey. The TV show is based on true events and left many fans wondering what the show got right and wrong about its characters’ lives. Here are all the plot points which were either true or false to the real story of Anna Sorokin. 


  • Name Changes

Some of the most notable changes from the show to real life are the name changes. While Anna, her lawyer, and her friends’ names were all accurate, Vivan Kent’s real name is Jessica Pressler and the magazine she worked at was New York Magazine instead of Manhattan Magazine. Some other name changes include George 12, the hotel which Anna stayed at for many months and handed out $100 tips, which is actually Howard 11, and Alan Reed’s, Anna’s financial advisor, whose actual name is Andrew Lance.  


  • Anna’s Real Relationship with Jessica Pressler (Vivan Kent)

Although the growing friendship throughout the show between Anna and Vivan was one of the best parts to watch, Anna and Jessica were not that close in real life. Much of the time the two spent together and many of the favors Vivan performed for Anna on the show would be completely unprofessional in real life and unethical in the journalism world. Jessica did not bring Anna’s underwear in jail, she didn’t help catalog evidence, and, most importantly, Jessica did not convince Anna to go to trial. Not taking the plea deal was Anna’s own decision. However, Vivan did help out Anna in non-conventional ways by bringing her clothes for her court appearances and even throwing in one of her own dresses.    


  • What parts were glamorized?

Due to ‘Inventing Anna’ being a television show, it is understandable that much of it is glamorized for the viewers. For example, the authorized media visits or “V.I.P” visits Vivan took to Rikers in the shows were not as fancy as they were in real life. Jessica got to skip a few buses and she and Anna were given a private room, but there was definitely no tea for Jessica and Anna to drink like there was in the show. The courthouse in ‘Inventing Anna’ was also much nicer than the one Anna Sorokin’s trial was really held at. However, the courtroom drama and fashion shows were pretty accurate. Anna’s lawyer did compare Anna to Frank Sinatra in his opening statement and he did make Rachel Williams cry during her cross-examination. The Instagram account which showed off Anna’s courtroom outfits was very much real and gained Anna quite a following and audience during the trial. Many of the outfits were perfectly recreated on the show, as well.   


  • Anna’s Home Life

Although Anna was not particularly close to her family in Germany, due to a lack of common interests, their relationship was not as hostile as the show depicted it to be. Anna’s family still supported her through her trial process, even though they did not attend, and they kept in contact with Anna prior to that. Another inaccuracy surrounding the Sorokin family is that Vivan ambushed them with her visit to Germany. Jessica Pressler’s visit was previously arranged with the help of Anna and her family. Anna helped Pressler arrange meetings and suggested places to visit from her childhood. 


  • Was Anna’s accent real or accurate?  

One of the most iconic, identifying, and unique parts about Anna Delevy or Sorokin is her untraceable accent. Her accent is a mix of Russian, German, and something completely her own. Anna Sorokin does hold this accent in real life. Julia Garner did a good job performing and capturing the accent for the show, although it was slightly flawed. In real life, Anna’s voice is softer and subtler. Seizing the essence of Anna’s accent was one of the essentials of the show since Anna Delvey is not Anna Delvey without her strange and distinguishing tone of voice.