In my head


Mia Dinunzio '24, Writer

Just for a moment, I want to live in my head…A soft breeze sweeps across my face, dancing amongst the strands, and moving them out of place. You take your hand and softly put them back. Leaves fall onto the soft ground. Some even cling onto your shirt. Moments like these get stuck in my head. They soothe my mind, from sunset to sunrise. They take away my pain and breath. It feels so real.

You promised me, every day, we would meet here, until our death. You promised me you would love me forever. Death won’t do us apart. I want to stay here in your arms. But the time has come. Our moment was broken by the alarm. Stop. I don’t want to go. Take my hand, we’ll always be together. Hold me now for the last time, before this daydream is done. Then I wake up, and I am thrown back into reality. The hard truth hits me. I am in love with an idea and not a person. You will never hold me tight and never kiss me sweetly. It was never real, it was all in my head.