An Artist’s Life


Gabriela Asare '22, Writer

“Live and let go” was the only thing I could tell myself before throwing my hand out into the wind, my crumpled paper airplane going with it. The craft continues on its course until it is no longer in my view and, eventually, my mind.

I return back to my paper and pencil and begin to recreate what I messed up before. A circle and a line form ahead next is the eyes, and… I had ruined it again. I grabbed my eraser, eliminated the error, and tried again. However, it hadn’t turned out the way I wanted it to. I sighed.

Life is like that one sketch I couldn’t really perfect. I can try as many times as I’d like to keep that one person I thought was my friend, or that one job I thought was good for me. But at the end of the day, is that really what I wanted? Another mediocre sketch that couldn’t even bring out the best in me?

But before my thoughts could spiral any further, I take my failed attempt and fold it into a paper airplane. As I hold it up, it slips from between my fingers and soars into the sky. Away with the wind goes another self-limiting belief, one I hope to grow from, but never see again.