New England


Jason Dibiase '22

Leaves change and begin to fall

Winters plagued by heavy snow

Cold enough outside to freeze water

Grind through the long season of winter

To find the bright lights of summer

Eventually, the seasons do change

Forever will the season’s change

Apple picking in the light breezes of fall

Laying on Cape Cods packed beaches in the summer

To be stuck indoors because of the snow

Beaches were once crowded but become bare in winter

Keeping warm with a cup of hot water

Boat rides on the open water

Every season ends with a change

From fall to winter

Summer to fall

Rain to snow

And winter to spring

Redsox own the Summer

New England loves that dirty water

Bruins play outdoor games in the sow

The floor of TD Garden changes

Patriots season starts in the fall

And Celtics pack the TD Garden in the winter

The darkness of winter

Amplifies the love for summer

Most comfortable weather comes during fall

Warm cider replaces ice-cold glasses of water

Days of t-shirts and shorts will change

To heavily insulated jackets to keep out the snow

Sand is the summers snow

Snowmen are built in the heart of winter

Emotions turn as the season’s change

Most people say their favorite season is summer

Long summer days warm the water

Pools stay open right up to fall

Winters snow melts to the suns rays of summer

But the next year, winter’s snow will form from the same water

Change in life is inevitable, and in the end, we all fall