Woman of the Month – Mrs. Jennifer Gaudette


Valeria Centinaro '23, Writer

This year, Austin Prep has welcomed over 50 new faculty members, one of them being Mrs. Jennifer Gaudette. A kind, compassionate, and determined teacher, Mrs. Gaudette is so much more than just the BOLD club’s moderator, she’s also an exemplary model of a true member of the AP community, and someone who lives out BOLD’s message every day. With this being her second year teaching in the classroom environment, Mrs. Gaudette has definitely captured the importance of community, education, and being a role model in her everyday life. She mentioned that she chose to teach English because she believed the “subject teaches us empathy and more of what it means to be a part of the human experience.” Mrs. Gaudette lives out the Austin message through her caring ways, and giving back to the community through her passion for teaching high school students, and shaping them into better people. Mrs. Gaudette has also taught Special Ed. and states, “I want every student to know that they have an adult in their corner-someone to champion their efforts and support them.” Her passion and sympathy for everyone shines through her teaching, and has gained support from many students.” Advisee Marcos De La Cruz when asked about Mrs. Gaudette exclaimed, “Ms. Gaudette is really attentive with her students and kind-hearted. I feel comfortable approaching her with any problems I may have, and she’s always there to support every advisee and student!” One of Mrs. Gaudette’s students from her ninth-grade class, Janna Vounessea stated, “Mrs. Gaudette is the sweetest teacher ever. She uses a different teaching style which makes learning more fun! She always encourages us to express our opinions in class discussions, and is very understanding and easy to talk to!” 

Moving forward, let’s get to know Mrs. Gaudette from outside the classroom setting! 

Outside of school, Mrs. Gaudette is just as compassionate and admiring in her everyday life as she is in the classroom setting. On weekends, Mrs. Gaudette enjoys staying active, being in nature, spending time with family and friends, her dog, as well as listening to music! Mrs. Gaudette has also taken on her fear of heights by cliff diving and zip lining!  See? Teachers CAN be cool too!! Mrs. Gaudette also loves to travel- she hopes to visit Italy in the near future! Another fun fact is that Mrs. Gaudette was engaged at Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine this past summer! 

In her little time here at Austin, Mrs. Gaudette has managed to engage and leave her mark on the community in a positive light. She volunteered to be the club’s moderator and took forth the responsibility of bringing empowerment and confidence to the young women of the Austin Prep community. She stated, “I want to give the students of our community a platform to share their voices and feel empowered to join in the cause of learning about and celebrating women who have paved the way for other women!” Every time BOLD meets, Mrs. Gaudette supports and paves the way of success for her students. Through this, Mrs. Gaudette truly exemplifies BOLD’s message and mission.