The Trees in a Neighborhood


Taylor Grohe '23, Writer

As the leaves change

So do the people

They grow to be tall green trees

With strong heavy branches

Just as the seasons change

The trees become stronger and some become weaker

Some branches fall off the weak and brittle trees

Some trees become painted with colorful foliage

And others get destroyed in the wind

As the trees change so do their surroundings

The ground gets tougher and colder

And most of the trees get stronger

But the others, get chopped down

Their leaves are the only thing remaining

Covering the street

Reminding the barren plants of how life used to be


The fallen leaves cling to the sides of the street when it rains

They get walked on

Tiny pieces of themselves being altered with every step

They change and fight to stay in one piece

Blowing with the wind

Freezing in the cold, hoping things will be different

And then one day

The ice starts to melt

The sun starts to shine again

And yet another season of their life has come to an end

And they remain

Strong from this season

that took so much out of them

And here you remain

Despite the cold winters of your life

And the hurricanes of disaster

You, too have made it through the seasons