Austin Prep’s Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team Makes History


Allison Jenks '25, Writer

Austin Prep history has been made. I repeat, Austin Prep history has been made! On Thursday, November 4th, Austin’s varsity field hockey team held their first ever MIAA playoff game against Pembroke High School. They won this preliminary game with a shutout 3-0. What a game! 

A senior at Austin Prep residing in Hingham helped cause this great triumph against the Pembroke Titans with a hat trick. Number 19 Kathyrn Karo is a forward on the Varsity team and a recent student athlete of the week!

Another successful home game followed suit and AP field hockey took home the win against Notre Dame Academy, 4-1.  Senior Maeve Carey helped secure this success, later interviewing with the Austin Prep-AD Instagram account on how amazing the team played. She enthusiastically informs us that “we gave it our all,” and “played with our hearts. We wanted to win so we could give it back to our coaches”. Well, there you have it, folks. A first hand account on this team’s chemistry with their teammates and coaches.

Unfortunately on November 13th later on in the playoffs, the team fell to Sandwich High School. Although sad, Austin played their hardest and the community could not be more proud of them. Thanks to our amazing players, new members will hopefully find the courage to join the field hockey team and expand this young, wonderful program. 

As mentioned before, the chemistry on this team is ecstatic. Amazing coaches bring the confidence and guidance to this up-and-coming team, so keep an eye out; this is only the beginning! 

Pictured Above: Austin Prep Field Hockey’s first ever graduating class. (From left to right, Anya Pineo, Isabel Hulse, Maeve Carey, Katrina Michalak, Kathyrn Karo, Patricia Bibeau).