Women of the Month – BOLD


Valeria Centinaro '23, Writer

This year’s chapter of BOLD is off to a great start! For those who may not be aware of this program, BOLD is a club offered at Austin Prep that highlights the importance of finding your voice in society, as well as raising empowerment for women in the community. This year’s group of courageous young women are led by Ms. Jeniffer Gaudette and myself, Valeria Centinaro. This organization brings women together in order to strive for success in any environment, and learn how to overcome adversity. Each month, a few women from the program will be highlighted to applaud their hard work and efforts to make the Austin Community a better place. This month’s highlights are on Mrs. Jennifer Gaudette, Sasha Callaway ‘23, and Fiona Cullen ‘23. 


Fiona Cullen ‘23

A member of the class of 2023, Fiona Cullen is an unerring example of what BOLD is all about. Having transferred to AP during her sophomore year of highschool from Westlake High School in California, Fiona has fought through moments of adversity with courage and determination to succeed. It’s challenging enough to join a new community in the midst of a global pandemic- even more when it’s all the way across the country! As difficult as it sounds, Fiona took on the challenge and within one year of being a part of the AP community, she has become an inspiration to students and teachers alike. 

In the previous year, Fiona tried a new sport, took on the challenge of advanced classes, joined new clubs, and used her voice to advocate for adding color within the school, working to make the school a more positive and welcoming environment for current and prospective students. Having never played hockey before, she took on the challenge of playing a new sport in a new environment and had a successful season! Playing again this year, she inspired new students to join the program making them feel welcome and eased into the process. Additionally, Fiona takes all honors classes as well as AP Chemistry and Advanced Trigonometry, prioritizing her academics before anything else. She is also a member of French Club, Friends of Rachel Service Club, Academic Decathlon, NHS, French Honors Society, Chemistry Society, Green Key Ambassadors, APS Media, and BOLD! 

Within one year, Fiona has accomplished all this and more! Recently, she has outlined an organic campaign to bring color back to Austin Prep. With the pandemic stripping our classroom walls from decorations, posters, and collaborative work spaces, Fiona has truly lived out BOLD’s message by spearheading a movement that will positively impact the entire Austin Prep Community. 


Sasha Callaway ‘23

Another valiant example of a student who lives out BOLD’s message at Austin Prep is junior Sasha Callaway. Joining the community in her freshman year of highschool, Sasha has done nothing but contribute positivity, power, and greatness to the AP community. Infact, you would not be reading this wonderful newspaper if it weren’t for her. She worked diligently to get the Austin Authors newspaper established in order to grant the student’s in our community a voice and a safe place to implement their opinions and beliefs. Without her, this newspaper would not have existed. This newspaper carries out BOLD’s main message and goal- to grant a voice to all and allow students to gain the confidence and inner-strength to be proud of their words. Sasha has achieved this goal and opened doors for student’s to truly express themselves. Besides being the president of the Newspaper, Sasha is involved in several other aspects of our community. As a head Green Key Ambassador, she serves as a role model for students and guides them to success with her leadership skills. Additionally she is involved in several clubs such as Youth Climate Action Coalition, Best Buddies, Spanish Peer tutors, multiple National Honors Soceieties, and is a Head Green Key. 

Sasha truly lives by the Austin Prep values, and uses her positivity and power to influence the people around her no matter what environment she is in. Sasha is extremely dedicated to her studies. She takes AP World History, AP Composition and Language, Advanced Trigonometry, and all honors classes. With hopes to be a journalist one day, Sasha excels in writing and puts in all her efforts  to succeed. Sasha is a true role model for any student, and has great things going for her!