The Banana Man


Sommer Bianchi '23, Writer

Austin Prep’s pep rally was an experience; from Dr. Hickey’s famous tug-of-war win to the chanting between the freshman/sophomore grades. However, the most memorable experience was from the famous Marcos De La Cruz, also known as The Banana. Junior Public relations, Marcos is a well-known figure within the junior class. But no one had expected such a performance. Sadly, he lost most of his games of tug-of-war. He had “crispy” white Airforce sneakers the day of the pep rally, and didn’t want to get them “creased”. Additionally, He lacked the “friction” to properly propel. He chose to go in the back to be a team player but didn’t have enough force to truly help. He showed Caritas not only for his team but for his shoes as well. He says that “we live and we learn”, and will now stand further to the front the next time he plays tug of war. 

He says that the experience was “pretty fun”. As for the origins of the banana, he states that he was given a banana suit during the 2nd block and “went on with his day”. As for the nickname, Marcos is not the biggest fan, saying, “It’s kinda weird. I have a name. Calling me the Banana is just really not necessary. But other than that I don’t care,”. He feels like he made more kids “want to be there” and helped make the pep rally a fun time. To those who have photos and videos of him as the banana, he states that this is a “fan behavior” and is proud of your dedicated following. Marcos has vowed that if you don’t try hard on your schoolwork, a banana man will visit you at night, which is technically possible since Veracross has all of our addresses. Stay in school kids.

The Banana Man Will Return…