Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Preview


Anna Ferranti '24, Writer

On November 15 at 10 am in local time zones across America, it seemed that the entire world had logged on to Ticketmaster to purchase Taylor Swift tickets. The demand for her brand new Eras Tour was unprecedented; millions of fans were on the site at the same time, viciously battling it out for a coveted seat at their local stadium. The frenzy of the demand was so prodigious that it even sparked conversations about antitrust legislation among politicians, targeted at Ticketmaster. Evidently, the Eras Tour permeated spheres far beyond just that of Taylor Swift fans. Now, after months of anticipation, the tour finally kicked off in Glendale, Arizona on March 17. 

Although a multitude of theories were swirling around regarding the setlist, costuming, and production, the tour far exceeded anyone’s expectations. The Eras Tour consists of forty-four songs, spanning across Taylor Swift’s entire career. The concert is divided into sections of her eras, each getting its own collection of songs. The ‘Lover’ Era is first with six songs, followed by three songs from ‘Fearless’, five songs from ‘evermore’, four songs from ‘Reputation’, one song from ‘Speak Now’, four songs from ‘Red’, seven songs from ‘folklore’, five songs from ‘1989’, and seven songs from ‘Midnights’. In addition, there are two miscellaneous “surprise songs” played each night. Swift explained that, for her acoustic songs, each night she will be picking two songs from her discography with no repeats, one played on piano and one played on guitar; for Glendale night one, she performed “mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”. The tracks played throughout the show ranged from Taylor Swift’s biggest hits to her most niche and unknown songs. Swift performed onstage for a whopping three hours, following her openers who performed for two hours. 

In addition to each getting their own portion of the setlist, each era was accompanied by a unique costume. In total, Swift wore eleven distinct costumes throughout the duration of the concert. Some of the highlights included her outfits for Lover, Reputation, Speak Now, and Folklore. The Lover Era outfit consisted of a fully bejeweled leotard with pink and blue accents and sparkly, knee-high, Louboutin red bottoms. Her Reputation outfit featured a winding red snake intertwined through a black jumpsuit with one leg cut out, similarly bejeweled. Next, Taylor Swift wore an elaborate ball gown for her Speak Now set with rhinestones shimmering down the sides. Finally, for Folklore, Swift wore a flowy, angelic lilac dress, making her appear to float across the stage. Each outfit helped encapsulate the album it represented, creating unique atmospheres that touched on moments across Taylor Swift’s career.

The Eras Tour is a special performance that tells the story of the past decade and a half of Taylor Swift’s remarkable career. Each element of the show was curated with precise thought and care to ensure the best show possible. Time and time again, Taylor Swift continues to prove why her star of fame keeps burning brightly and why she will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.