Watchful Heart


Emily Sousa '23, Author

There was a woman who lived in the quietest house on the street. No one knew her. No one spoke to her. She only left her home for what people assumed was retrieving items that allowed her to live, such as food and water. She had a neatly cut front lawn, however no one ever saw her cut it. She lived quietly among herself, and her neighbors wondered how she didn’t become upset from the lack of social interaction. 


During October of the following year, the residents of the neighborhood started to discover some differences within the community. For instance, every morning they would wake up with freshly baked breakfast pastries at their doorstep. No one knew where the pastries came from. They assumed that it may have been a gift from a family member or employer. However, one evening a resident of the town, Walter, could not fall asleep. He decided to read in his rocking chair in his living room. Eventually he fell asleep, as the rocking of the chair calmed him. A few hours later he awoke startled, as he heard a noise coming from the front door. He approached the door cautiously, not fully awake yet. He peered out the window, and saw the woman at his front doorstep. She was placing a basket of blueberry muffins on his doorstep. It was obvious that she was trying to be discreet, looking behind her every so often to ensure that no one was watching her. 

Walter retreated back into his living room. He had also been receiving pastries on his doorstep every morning, however he had no idea that it was the quiet woman from down the street. Everyone had assumed that she had a heart full of hatred for those around her. Walter’s outlook and perspective on her was changed completely that evening. He realized that she had gone out of her way to do something nice for him, despite them not being friends. He realized that this woman may not be a sociable individual, but she had a watchful heart.