A Glass Wall


Mia Dinunzio '24, Author

Why do I feel like I am constantly stuck behind a glass wall? 

There but never fully immersed. 

You can see and hear me, yet, nothing seems real. 

The hours drift by and the days become oatmeal. 

Soggy and forgotten as the minutes pass. 

Is this all real? 

Am I really here, or is this just some multiversal version of me? 

I blame Marvel.  

This question I ask myself often. 

As if someone will come to me and answer all of my problems. 

As if I will have closure. 

I feel confined and trapped. 

My life seems like a reflection of time that can never be tracked. 

It passes by in the blink of an eye. 

This glass wall. 

Every day I watch behind a clear television screen. 

A sitcom where the side character is so relatable and funny, yet a forgotten teen . 

Until, that is, they break down. 

That the glass wall shatters. 

That I can finally feel like my life is as meaningful as the sun. 

So simple, yet an answer we have fully yet to grasp. 

Will the sun, one day, decide to explode and kill us all? 

I don’t know.

But, what I do know is this. 

We all live behind a glass wall.

The only difference being…

Some people live as the main character, yearning for the lead, while others live as the side character, yearning to feel seen. 

Either way, it is merely a reflection of our truth. 

Covered by a glass wall that we watch mindlessly and endlessly. 

As we stumble away from our youth.