The Door


Jared Cruz '23, Author

Something blocks my path

It’s sizeable but overwhelmingly boring

There’s nothing so special about it

Pale in comparison to the rest of the house 

It doesn’t even stick out

But it pains me to see it not move

Especially after I’ve tried to make it budge


Neither beast or bird was it made for

But only for me alone

a road carved and paved for one, 

treading lonely paths, 

I can’t help but grieve how isolated I’ll be


It’s held up by smaller, weaker counterparts

hinges, as they are called,

How can I go on without you?

you have made my life so sweet 

but bitterness was waiting for me,

ravenous as a snake


Framed like a picture but hung so low,

how could you have come to hate me so?

I loved you and filled you with all of me

You remained unmoved,

untouched by my devotion 


Why won’t it move?

Why does it just stay there,

rending my heart over and over again?

It’s hard to move on from you,

but if you did it so easily,

so can I