America’ Biggest Disappointment: The Dallas Cowboys


Marcus Villarroel '26, Writer

The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. The 13-5 Dallas Cowboys traveled to the 14-4 San Fransisco 49ers in a highly anticipated and coveted matchup. For the Cowboys, it was do or die; as they hadn’t been to the NFC Championship game in 27 years. The 49ers were looking to advance to their 3rd NFC Championship game in 4 years. Both teams had met in the playoffs last year, and in 2021, the 49ers prevailed 23-17 in Dallas. This time however, it would be in San Fransisco, as the 49ers had claimed the 2 seed in the NFC, and the Cowboys were locked into the 5 seed. 

This meant that on Saturday the 14th, the 49ers played the 7th-seeded Seahawks in San Francisco, rolled them 23-41, and had a lot of rest before the Cowboys game. While the 49ers were in bed in their home city and would not have to travel outside of it for the Divisional round, the Cowboys were not in the same boat. They had to travel cross country to Tampa, Florida to play the Buccaneers and Tom Brady. The Cowboys took care of business in Tampa Bay and moved on to San Fransisco. They beat the Bucs 35-14 and had to travel across the country again to play the 49ers.

During the week of the game talking heads in the media such as Skip Bayless on Unidisputed voiced their opinion on how dominant the Cowboys were in their Wild Card win and how they had a chance to win the Super Bowl. The Cowboys themselves were looking ahead to the Divisional round against the 49ers. And while Skip and others that share opinions like him may have been talking a lot about the Cowboys and the Super Bowl they sure did not show up like it in this game.

The NFC Divisional Round kicked off with the 49ers receiving the ball and their offense sputtered out. The 49ers would go on a field goal drive to take the game’s first lead of 3-0. The Cowboys then came on a long touchdown drive to take the lead but their kicker missed the extra point to make it 6-3. The 49ers would then score two field goals to go into halftime leading at 6-9 and for how bad the 49ers’ offense had looked, they were fortunate to be leading at halftime. The Cowboys went down and scored another field goal to tie the game at 9-9. But, from there that was all that the Cowboys would put on the table. As the 49ers pierced through their defense for a touchdown to take a grip of the game at 9-16. The Cowboys would quickly respond with another field goal to make it a four-point game at 12-16. The 49ers would then kill off the game with a last field goal to make the game 12-19. The Cowboy’s offense was dead, and they failed a lateral play at the end to give the 49ers the win.

This was the 7th straight loss by “Dem Boys” in the Divisional Round and it was a heartbreaker because Cowboys fans felt like this was their year, and even for me I was scared at one point as a die-hard NFL fan. But, nevertheless, the Cowboys did Cowboy things and I get to talk about their failures as a franchise. Will they get back, who knows; but for right now, and as things stand they seem like they will the Dallas Cowboys look more vulnerable than ever.