The Inside Scoop on AP’s Band


Will Putney '26, Writer

The Austin Prep Band holds a perfect opportunity for students to learn and advance their musical knowledge. If you are looking to try something new, the band encourages students with no experience to a lot of experience to join. It may not seem like it, but playing an instrument can actually help you get into college. Having musical experience in playing an instrument looks appealing to colleges because having more extracurricular activities can boost your resume, especially if you are looking to apply to a college where you can take a music course. 

Reading music and playing along with other members challenges the brain. Being able to play a song and stay in rhythm is not as easy as it seems and requires a lot of practice. Playing an instrument is a challenge for the brain as it has to think quickly otherwise the song can be messed up. 

When the band practices the songs they play for the winter and spring concerts, they use a lot of creativity to improve the content of the song. Creativity is encouraged to be spread in the band. Working to be as creative as possible in the band can help players express themselves. The more you practice the more creative you become. If you were interested in joining the band to learn how to play songs you know, it will help you achieve that goal. 

Because playing an instrument requires your entire concentration, it naturally creates a state of mindfulness giving a calming energy that relieves negative thoughts and emotions. Being in the band is a great commitment because it can help temporarily distract us from the worries and problems of our everyday lives. 

Communication skills are necessary to develop as a person and playing an instrument can improve them. The band director, Mr. Leary, has the job to conduct the band and keep a steady rhythm and the players must stay in that rhythm in order to play a song. This requires complete concentration and steady communication between players and the instructor. While being in the band for a while you will get to know each other well and become better friends. 

Joining the Austin Prep band will help you build character as an inspiring individual seeking to expand your horizons. Learning how to read and play music is a useful skill many people should know how to do. One of the best things about the band is that we are very flexible on rehearsal times. We have after-school rehearsals on Monday and Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45. It is not necessary to attend all of the rehearsals if you have something going on that day, but it is encouraged that you go as often as possible to develop as a musician. Overall, you should join the Austin Prep band because it lowers stress levels, strengthens critical thinking and social skills, creativity, and offers a great opportunity to develop as a musician.