Ode to the Candy Shop


Cecilia Goldsmith '26, Author

Upon entering into

The candy shop, scents so sweet

Waft swiftly through the air to

Me.  My eyes land upon treat

After treat on silver trays,

Iced with chocolate frosting.

The smell leaves me in a haze;

Coming here is exhausting!

I turn, and spot sugar, spun,

Dripped over fudge like honey.

I wish to taste every one

Of their flavors of gummies:

Lime, lemon, orange galore!

Raspberry, strawberry, and

more spread throughout the large store,

enough to fill my whole hand!

Tangy, tasty lollipops

Stand proudly in the tall racks,

Waiting all over the shop

To become afternoon snacks.

This emporium’s goodies

Are a wonder to behold.

I leave the store with cookies

And a story to be told.