Mia Dinunzio '24, Author

Clocks bewitch me 

Their blank, perfectly circular faces and two, simple, little hands 

One smaller than the other

How you can hear each second pass 

Every tick sounds like a bomb slowly waiting to go off

The motion of time 

My fascination of this concept remains a mystery

Maybe I found peace in knowing that no matter what, there would be a time


That even though it may be 3:45 in Boston yet 8:45 in London, we share that 45

Everyone experiences this 45th minute at the same moment 

Time connects us 

It unites us

Time is what forms us as it passes 

From birth to death 

Time of birth: 10:45

Time of death: 2:15

We age because of it

We change because of it

Our skin goes from smooth to creased

Our eyesight goes from sharp to weary

Our minds stay humble, yet ever wiser

Clocks, so effortless, yet they hold so much power