Christmas Eve


Emily Sousa '23, Author

Let me tell you the story of how I became best friends with an elf…

Twas the night before Christmas, and I decided to stay home by myself. I had begun a tradition of staying home and watching Christmas movies. I would heat up some hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate to be specific. I would pour it into my favorite mug and pour a cup of marshmallows into the mug. The marshmallows would melt into a creamy texture, delicious when paired with the hot chocolate.

I would put on my favorite pajamas and curl up on the couch, watching movies such as Elf and A Christmas Story. It was peaceful, and has always been my favorite night of the year. This year I had put on Elf, and my routine was going as usual. However, all of a sudden I heard a strange noise coming from my chimney! Naturally, I walked over to the chimney and peered up, shocked to see the feet of a creature hanging from the chimney. 

“Are you okay?” I called up, concerned that this person was either breaking in or in immense danger. 

He spoke back to me, his voice an extremely high pitch, “I am okay. Just took a short detour.” He suddenly fell out of the chimney, making a thud when he hit the ground in front of me. I got a closer look at him. He was wearing an outfit that appeared to be that of an elf, green and red. Each one of his shoes had a bell on them, jingling as he moved. 

Was he really an elf? I knew that it sounded crazy, he must have just been a smaller person who happened to be wearing an elf costume. That sounds crazy though too! He suddenly stood up and rubbed off his pants, his shoes jingling in the process.

“I am so sorry to bother you,” he started, “We arrived too early. Santa isn’t supposed to be delivering gifts in this neighborhood for a couple of hours…” He quickly paused, realizing that he had said more than he was supposed to. “I…. wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” His small cheeks turned red with embarrassment. “I was accidentally left behind when Santa left. We had landed on this house to deliver gifts, but then he realized that he was in the wrong place and needed to come back later. When he got back on his sleigh he accidentally left me here. He flew away so fast that I couldn’t stop him.”

I couldn’t believe that I was saying this, but I believed his story. What else would explain this man’s small size, high pitched voice, and elf outfit? I know it sounds stereotypical, but it is Christmas Eve! I decided to let him make himself at home at my house. Where else could he go? I don’t think that he could get an Uber to the North Pole. 

“Do you know when he will be coming back?” I asked. “If you want you can spend some time here. I was just watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate. I am sure that you drink hot chocolate at the North Pole.” 

He looked shocked at my kindness. “R.. really? Like, can we be friends? No one has ever asked to be friends with me before? Back at the North Pole I was bullied. I am smaller than the average elf, and they all liked to pick on me because of it.” He walked over to the couch and sat down, taking a sip of my hot chocolate.

I wish I could say I was surprised, but it is pretty obvious that elves haven’t been taught the social norms, such as the weirdness of drinking another person’s hot chocolate.

So, that night the elf and I spent the entire night together until Santa Claus came back. We made a gingerbread house, made Christmas cookies, made ornaments for the tree, and he showed me how they make toys back at the North Pole. It was truly one of the best Christmas eve nights ever. He restored my Christmas spirit. 

When Santa finally came back, I was sad to see my new friend go. I asked if I could see Santa, but the elf insisted that I didn’t. He said that if I saw him it defeats the purpose of believing. I understood that. Before he left, my new friend gave me a snowglobe that he said was from the North Pole. He said, “Whenever you feel a lack of Christmas spirit, shake this.” He handed the snow globe to me, and I shook it. “I am always with you, friend, even if we are miles apart.” 

He then climbed back up the chimney, smiling at me as he left. I will never forget this Christmas Eve. Every year he comes back and visits me, bringing me another snow globe to add to my collection. I am so grateful that I decided to stay home that one Christmas Eve night.