December Student Council Initiatives

December Student Council Initiatives

Sasha Callaway '23, Editor-in-Chief of 'The Legend'

As both the editor-in-chief of this newspaper and school-wide secretary, I wear many hats in the Austin Prep community. Outside of everyday schoolwork, I edit stories in an effort to bring the best articles to AP students while also brainstorming ideas to better the overall student experience. Though these extracurriculars appear to be in separate spheres, the school-wide section of AP’s student council has decided to publicize what we are currently working on. And so, my once separate spheres have intersected, and now you can read the latest student council initiatives in your favorite newspaper. 

In chronological order… 

  • Christmas Initiatives 

Currently, the student council is working with members of the administration to bring holiday cheer to Austin Prep. These initiatives vary from potential dress-down days to festive bonding activities. Although these initiatives are pending approval, we can at least promise Christmas music at lunch!

  • Vote for Your Favorite Lunch

However, this spirit week will be unlike any other as each grade will get to vote on their favorite lunches to have that week. The voting will first begin on class Instagrams so the councils can gauge which lunches are the most liked. Subsequently, the voting will transition to the Daily Announcements for a final round. The lunches with the most votes will then be served during February’s spirit week.

  • Spirit Week: February 13th-17th

To celebrate our winter sports teams, the annual spirit week has been set in motion! This week will resemble our fall spirit week with three dress-down days, class games, and a pep rally. The first non-uniform day will call for students to wear any Austin Prep apparel. The next non-uniform day is to be determined, and you may have the chance to vote on which theme you are in favor of. As always, the last day of spirit week (the pep rally) will be class colors. As a reminder, class colors are:

Seniors: Black

Juniors: White

Sophomores: USA

Freshmen: Pink

Middle School: Green

  • Junior and Senior Prom Updates

Although unknown, the student council has been working on the 2023 junior and senior prom since June of 2022. The theme and decorations are currently being decided upon and they will be announced soon!

  • Junior Class Trip

The junior class officers have also been collaborating with the administration to provide the junior class with a memorable bonding experience. The location and time are still being decided upon, but this information will be known soon!


If you have any requests for future initiatives, please email the following:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]