Austin Prep’s 2022 Fall Dance Was a Hit!


As the night started, excited High-school students started exiting their vehicles just like normal school drop-off or by parking in the school parking lot. One by one students entered Meelia Hall to check-in. As one can imagine, the night only got better from here. As students walked in, you could almost see sparkles in their eyes as they looked around the room. There was a lot to see between the tables with glow sticks, food tables in the back, the DJ on the stage, and, of course, the photo booth. Having the photo booth was amazing and many students enjoyed it. By the end of the night, there were a lot of foam light sticks on the floor from students dropping them and the flooring was pulled up in some areas from students having an amazing time dancing. When the dance had come to an end, students slowly walked out of Meelia. You could definitely hear most of the girls complaining about how their feet hurt from the shoes they were wearing. But everyone seemed to have a really good time and as we left the AP campus, knowing that this was a night to remember.

Moving onto the topic of fashion, everyone who attended this dance looked absolutely stunning. The girls were all in dresses, and the majority of the guys wore dress shirts, however, a select few wore a suit and ties. The dresses we saw were sparkly, fashionable, and sassy. The most common color worn was black or blue. Despite the weather being a bit chilly, almost no one was wearing a jacket. There were few accessories brought to the dance, the only exceptions being small purses and hand-held bags that were brought along to carry any personal belongings. 

          Towards the end of the dance, many of the people wearing heels had taken them off. We admire the people who decided to wear more comfortable shoes, like sneakers or converse, since they were comfortable all night. As for makeup, some people went for a more natural look, while others decided to make a statement by wearing more vibrant colors. The eyeshadow colors typically matched the clothing color they wore, unless they had just decided to wear liner and/or mascara. Overall, everyone at the Fall Dance looked drop-dead gorgeous, and clearly put a lot of thought into what they wanted to wear. 

The outfits of everyone looked gorgeous while they danced to great music. Many different genres of music were played that night. 2000s Rap and Pop were played due to their catchy tunes and overall nostalgia. Likewise, many song requests consisted of Rap and Pop, but party and Latin songs were also popular. There were many songs played that practically dragged people to the dancefloor such as Gold Digger by Kanye West or Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. While the majority of the songs were good, there were songs that weren’t so popular. Yet, most attendees remember the music as great. 

Overall, Austin Prep’s 2022 Fall Dance was a blast. When you walked in the music was blasting, girls’ dresses were sparkling under the lights, and there were smiles everywhere. It was pretty noticeable that the dance floor was obviously the most popular attraction. It was filled with people dancing and recording the night’s highlights in the dance circle. Another popular attraction was the photo booth where we were fortunate enough to capture the memories from this magical night. The memories created will be cherished forever and students can’t wait to return next year. We can’t wait to see what next year’s dance has in store for Austin Prep.