What brings me peace

Anonymous, Writer

I curl up, turn on taylor swift

I look out my window and stare up at the moon

I hold my moonstone rock

Sitting in my book nook staring at my favorites

I am in this moment where I am at most peace with myself


Sitting with myself

In my ears “the 1” by taylor swift

This moment reminds me of a moment from a book

The only light in the room is coming from the full moon

The sounds of the outside consume me, the sounds of nature

My most prized possessions come from nature, my rocks


I am centered, my body lay upon the rocks

I did this for myself

Laying with nature

I feel heartbreak, like early Taylor swift

The reflection in the ocean of the moon

This is the moment I dreamt of from “We were liars”, my favorite book


I collect my books

Pick a new member of my collection, the prettiest fragment of a rock

Leaving my soul with the full moon

The air smells lonely, I am never more by myself

The next song enters my ears, “seven” by Taylor Swift

I take one last moment with the nature


The wind pushes my hair out of my face, it is incredible how it all works, the nature

I think back to the books from my childhood, the things that started it all, the books

“August” by Taylor Swift

I center my body once again on my walk back, held tightly in my hand the new rock

The song reminds me of losing everything, even the things within you, losing myself

The brightest light in my soul, the moon


The coming days, it is no longer full, it is waning. What was once a full moon is now a slowly emptying moon

It is funny the way this whole things works, the way nature changes us, the way we change nature

I changed myself

At least that is what I would like to believe, nothing changes you like a book

Peace comes from the nature surrounding us, it makes sense for the rocks to be connected

The peace that comes from Taylor Swift