Hurricane Astrid

Eliana Cohn '23, Writer

It’s the beginning of spring, and I feel especially hoodwinked by the weather. There’s a large hurricane traveling swiftly from the Southern Atlantic Ocean, to the Northern Atlantic. The whole east coast is discombobulated and looking for any form of faith. Whether it’s from God, Allah, or mother nature, who’s, unfortunately, seems like a judgmental enemy at the point. Anything to comfort them in these eerie times of discomfort. There’s one fact that does bring a bitter taste to my mouth; which is, that this class three hurricane is going to act as a mortician, for certain people. The people, as well as I, have no control in this situation.

Personally, (being personality type INTP) I’m taking a more logical and mundane approach to preparing for the storm. Obviously, I have to walk to work.

11:16 am: I begin my walk to work.

It’s apparent that everyone, including animals, is flabbergasted by this unexpected-pre-hurricane-wind. 

As I enter, I can smell the distinct coffee flavors masked by spic-and-span cleaning solution, but when I look behind the counter, no one is there. The front doors are unlocked, the ovens are on, and the coffee is brewing. All without the employees? You can imagine, I started thinking about all the worst outcomes. Although I’m trying my hardest to keep my composure, I walk into the back of the store and the silence is so loud.

The soft glow of the monitor, and the flickering of the fluorescent ceiling lights creates a setting that is particularly unsettling. Not to mention the overwhelming crowd sitting or standing around the monitor listening to the live news. 

11:23 am: The Hurricane Has reached Texas