The Secret to Maintaining Academic Motivation at the End of the Year

The Secret to Maintaining Academic Motivation at the End of the Year

Keira Welch '25, Writer

Despite the short time of the school year we have left, it is extremely important to study hard and maintain academic motivation these next few weeks, especially with finals right around the corner. As the school begins to come to a close and the weather gets warmer, students of all ages tend to begin to lose motivation in school and just wait for summer to slowly arrive. However, it is still important to focus on school in order to finish quarter 4 with the grade you want and do good on finals. Here are some ways to help to keep motivating yourself in school, as well as some studying tips for upcoming finals.

The number one way to get through the end of the school year is a change in mindset. Watching the clock will only make classes feel longer, but actively attempting to engage with classes could change students’ attitudes toward learning at least for a little while. A way to avoid procrastination during school and while doing homework is to set achievable tasks to do in short periods of time throughout the day. This way it is easier for students to maintain focus and get work done. Even if the tasks are less lengthy and tiring than you would usually set for yourself during the school year, it is an effective method. Another way to maintain motivation is to reward yourself after completing tasks. Lastly, studying and working in different ways can help students keep motivated. For example, try working outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and for a positive change of location. As well as, studying with friends to have fun and motivate each other. These methods could inspire students to work harder and help maintain or bring up end-of-year grades. 

As the end of the school year approaches, so do finals. Some finals are very difficult to study for without becoming bored, distracted, or unmotivated. Some ways to help study for finals and pass with grades parents will be proud of are to eliminate distractions, make study plans ahead of time, and prioritize harder subjects first. Eliminating distractions and minimizing multitasking during studying will help keep students focused on work and be more productive. Creating study plans will make studying easier and put less stress on students. Another simple tip is to prioritize harder subjects first to lessen stress and get a better understanding of harder material. Some other finals studying tips are to find a comfortable environment to study in, take breaks, and reward yourself. Finding a comfortable environment makes it easier to study and maintain focus. Taking breaks and rewarding yourself while studying is one of the most important things to do to not burn out and feel inclined to keep working. Focusing and studying for finals is important but it is more significant to prioritize your mental health and stress levels over academics. 

These are some helpful ways to efficiently and positively end the year. However, do not let remaining school work and finals get in the way of excitement for the upcoming summer!