An Inside Look at AP’s Prom & Its Fashion


Sasha Callaway '23, Editor-in-Chief of 'The Legend'

This past weekend, Austin Prep’s juniors and seniors spent the night dancing away in an ‘Enchanted Forest’. All attendees agree that it was a great night, spent with great people, in great fashion. Upon arrival at Austin Prep, a promenade was held in which the students walked through a beautifully decorated Meelia Hall. It was a Hollywood moment for the attendees, and viewers enjoyed the show just as much. The promenade was a celebration of the students, their dates, and of course, their spectacular attire. Following the promenade, attendees boarded high-class coach buses that escorted them to Andover Country Club, where the prom was held. 

Once at the prom, students socialized with friends, took photos, ate a great meal, and danced the night away. But one of the most exciting and anticipated parts of the night, however, was the chance for attendees to finally wear beautiful dresses and tuxedos. The girls had been preparing for months, trying to find their perfect prom dress. Once they decided, the girls each made sure that their dress would not be repeated. Additionally, attendees who chose to wear tuxes or suits also spent hours in fittings trying to find their ideal outfits. Furthermore, it only seemed right that ‘The Legend’ covered the night’s incredible fashion. By popular vote, the ‘Best Dressed’ couple of the night was Mia Karoub ‘23 and Marcos De La Cruz ‘23 (featured below). The effort was definitely put into their outfit, and it was spectacular. The pair had a creme color scheme in which Marcos layered his look for a unique take on traditional prom attire while Mia was in head-to-toe sequins. Their play on textures definitely made the look! with Although their pairing was clearly crafted with care, every other prom attendee also looked incredible. Everyone looked so great, that staff at ‘The Legend’ took it into their own hands to analyze the night’s looks. After conducting surveys, the most popular dress color was blue with 31.6%, and the second most popular were pink, green, and black all tied with 12.8%. Secondly, the most popular suit/tux color was black with a whopping 64%! 

Pictured below is a pie chart of the most popular dress colors, and a photo of the night’s ‘Best Dressed’ couple! Overall, prom was a spectacular night, and the writers at ‘The Legend’ give special thanks to Mrs. Choate and Ms. Greenwood for organizing this event!

Marcos De La Cruz ’23 and Mia Karoub ’23
Pie Chart of the Most Popular Dress Colors