Detective Alex Miller Solves: The Case of the Infinity Killer


Emily Croteau '23, Writer

Alex was a pretty normal girl. She grew up in a small town and had a good group of friends. She was in high school and her life consisted of softball, work, her social life, and apparently now detective work. Alex’s eyesight was not always the best. One weekend she realized she needed glasses after all of the migraines she’d been having. Her father used to be a detective until one day he went to investigate a crime scene and never returned home. Alex had to grow up extremely fast because of this. Her mom was out of her life and after her father went missing she was left to care for herself. And once her town found out about it she became famous almost because everyone wanted to know what had happened. When she went to go get her glasses she was greeted by a man who seemed to be a pretty normal eye doctor. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.


 Now her father had been missing for 7 years and at first she wanted all of the answers as any daughter would. But as time went on she accepted that there was nothing she could do and she had to just live her life with many questions. The eye doctor greeted her in his office. And as they walked in and he saw her name on his clipboard his face turned pale. “Brian Miller’s daughter?” he said. This statement never caught her off guard anymore and she looked at him and answered his question with a simple “yes that’s me.” They proceeded with a normal eye inspection and after he made his diagnoses with what prescription she needed he left his office. He was gone for 20 minutes. “I’m so lost,” she said out loud. This is a catchphrase all of Alex’s friends would make fun of her for saying. Whenever she was confused or concerned she would say it. As she said this, the doctor walked in with what looked to be a bullet proof case. He began to explain how he was actually an international spy. He was always focused on her fathers case because it was impossible to solve. He then explained why her glasses were in a case. He said that there was only one model of these glasses in the world. He had made them and they have a “special power” but they were made for a specific person. It was up to the glasses to see who they were made for. 


He told her to try them on and tell him if she saw anything abnormal. So she did. The first thing she noticed was how amazing her vision was and in surprise she looked at him.  But then she saw something above his head. Old age is what it said. He saw the look in her eyes. “You see something, I can see it in your eyes.” She told him what she saw. “Holy crap they work!” He was clearly proud of his creation. He explained to her that she was the one these glasses were made for. He then explained the power they hold. He told her that the glasses not only improved her eyesight but also showed her how people die above their heads. She was caught off guard but very intrigued. He then told her that the glasses were programmed to only work for the person that could solve her fathers case. He thought it would work for him but they did not. He explained to her that she has so much intelligence and power and she can finally crack the code. She took after her father and inherited his amazing skill to solve crime. After the appointment she left the office. 


Driving around she could see the ways that all of the citizens die. It was a little overwhelming but she realized whenever she is overwhelmed she can just take them off. She met up with one of her friends, Jordan. Drug abuse is what his cause was. This worried her but she figured she wouldn’t say anything to him yet. They were planning to meet up later for the football game. She went home to get ready and looked at a picture of her father. Infinity Is what it said. She was confused but did not let it get in the way of her day. She got to the football game and looked at Jordan again but something was different. Infinity. What does that even mean? “I’m so lost.” She said, Jordan asked why but she did not answer and just explained that it was nothing. 


They walked around the football stadium for a while and she kept seeing pretty normal things above people’s heads. But some were more extreme than others. As they watched the game, she noticed that a lot of peoples’ causes were fading away and changing to Infinity. “They can change…” She murmured under her breath but no one could hear her. She continued watching the game and decided she would focus on it later. After the game they went to McDonalds to get food and she noticed that half of the workers’ heads said Infinity. But what does it mean? There’s no way these people will just live for an infinite amount of time so what else could it mean? Then a lightbulb went off in her head. 


She got home and immediately sat at her computer. While she was out she remembered a story she had heard years ago of a killer called the infinity killer. She thought it was a fake but she decided to do some research anyway. She looked up the story and tried to get some background knowledge. She got to a website and read a story about the killer. 


The Infinity Killer is a cereal killer who returns every 7 years and takes people in mysterious ways. He has yet to be identified but his actions remain to be a common theme. He will find ways to take people and he does not end up killing them every time but occasionally he does. The reason he is called the infinity killer is because he claims he will be around for an infinite amount of time. Similar to the zodiac killer he is very confident that no one will find him and he will never be caught. He is convinced he will be around and returning every 7 years forever and each 7 years many people will mysteriously go missing. Usually this is why none of the cases can ever be proved. People say in 2017 he won’t only focus on a small group but instead multiple people at once. 


It all made sense now. It’s 2017. That is why everyone’s causes were turning to Infinity. He is going to come to town and take many. If peoples causes of death are changing to infinity then clearly they can change back. If Alex could only find a way to change it back. She knew if her dad was with her he would help her and be able to solve the case, but then she realized what the article said. “He does not end up killing them every time but occasionally he does.”  What if her father was not dead? What if she could find him and then they could finish solving the case together? Her father was her best friend and she knew everything about him including how he worked. If he was locked up somewhere with the Infinity Killer there was no way he was not gathering information about how he could take him down. Clearly he has not fully figured it out because he has yet to return home and everyone’s heads were turning to infinity hinting that the killer was alive and coming back. 


If there was any way she could find when he was coming back, it would be a lot easier to identify who he was. She knew she had to do more research about when he was coming and if there were any hints such as how long he has been killing or what kind of clothes he wears. Maybe there was a survivor. Maybe there are pictures of what he looks like. But one flaw about Alex is that she does not fully believe in herself. She has been playing softball for years, she has good grades, she has been taking care of herself since she was 11 and yet she still struggles with seeing her full potential. She did not believe she could do this on her own. She went into her room and got her backpack to get out her notebook so she could write some notes and as she did something fell out of the notebook. A little note card that read If you need any help EYE would love to be of assistance with a phone number. “Holy shit my eye doctor of course.” If he had been studying the case for so long as he claimed, he had to have some sort of information about it. She realized she never even got his name. She called the number and he picked up within the second ring. “I’ve been expecting you to call.” 


She explained that she was still adjusting to everything so it took her a bit of time to dive right into the case. She asked him if he had any information at all on the case and that anything would help her. He told her everything he knew. He tends to return in the month of October because many people are focused on halloween and going out on halloween night. He also told her that he found out he tends to wear some sort of piece or orange which is another reason he comes during halloween because orange is such a common color during this time of year. It was September 28th 2017. She did not have much time. The doctor explained that he does not just return for the day of halloween but instead he returns for the whole month but he somehow still stays hidden from society and no one can figure out how. The guy was clearly smart and had some tricks up his sleeve and this made Alex doubt herself even more. The eye doctor promised to help in any way he can because he has been drawn to this case so much. Alex took this into consideration and decided to not give up. If she did not believe in herself she knew her father would and if she needed to do this for anyone it was him. Plus she could save so many people including her best friend jordan. She just knew she needed to work fast because october 1st is coming up and she wants to save as many people as she can.    


The next day she woke up and decided to call in sick to school. She had to get on the case right away. She only had a few days. She went to the eye doctor to see if he had any input on how to get started. He was waiting for her to ask him this. He actually had a lot of gear that could help her, including a computer he had made. This computer looked like any normal macbook but it had a special software made for spies to use to get deeper information on someone and more clues of how to find them. He also gave her a watch that allowed her to talk to him whenever she needed and it was also able to identify people’s true identities just by aiming her phone camera at them and pressing scan. She took the gear and headed home. When she looked up the Infinity Killer nothing had come up. She realized it was because this was not his true identity. How could it give background on a name that was not even real? She had to do the best she could to find out what he looked like. She decided she wanted to get used to the computer and began exploring it. She found a file on it and it said For Alex only so she clicked on it and there was a link. She opened a link and saw a picture of a man with an orange bandana on. And orange framed sunglasses. This had to be him. Although he made a big mistake. You would not think that cereal killers who have been around for as long as he has would make such an amature mistake. The sunglasses. They were clearly reflective on the outside and she could see the reflection of what was in front of him. She used the mouse pad to zoom into the reflection in which she saw his phone flipped over. She could see the back of the phone and there seemed to be a tracking number but she couldn’t read it. She commanded the computer to unblur the picture. “Hey siri, unblur this picture.” And sure enough the computer listened. She saw the numbers and letters to track the cellphone. 


She used the watch to type in the code “T36L-5F71G” and sure enough coordinates were found at the Ohio airport. “He’s coming early.” She said, She called the eye doctor and told him this information and he was very impressed. She said that the killer was at the airport and according to her calculations he would arrive in Maine (where she lived) in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. They decided to go get some more gear and then head to the airport. The eye doctor who finally told Alex his name, Dr. Williams, brought her to his office for spy work. They grabbed some binoculars and some darker clothing to wear on their investigation. They went to panera to grab some food because they had some time and by the time they were done eating and grabbing gear it had been 3 hours and 30 minutes. “There’s 15 minutes left for his flight, if we leave now we will get to the airport in 15 minutes and have time to set up the cameras and park the car outside of the entrance.” They left panera and got to the airport in exactly 15 minutes. They set up the cameras and the binoculars were ready for use and now they wait. They sat there for about 30 minutes with no sign of orange on anyone. This made sense because the killer needed time to go through security and bag check. So they waited and then they saw it. A man with orange sunglasses. 


“Look, those are the sunglasses the man in the picture was wearing.” But he got into a cab before she had time to scan his face. They knew they needed to follow the cab from a distance so they did not look suspicious. They followed the cab into the mountains and it stopped at a small hut in the middle of nowhere. “I’m so lost.” Said Alex with a look of worry and confusion. She saw the man get out of the car and took a picture of his face. She clicked the scan button on her watch and saw something she had never expected. Brian Miller age 47 from Camden Maine- “Okay now I’m really lost.” She showed Dr. Williams and they were both in disbelief. It made no sense. Alex’s Dad’s cause of death was The Infinity Killer so how is it that he could be the killer. Brian went inside the hut and he had a look of misery and concern on his face. She knew the only way to find out if it was him was to go talk to him herself. 


She stepped out \of the car to go knock on the door to the hut. “Wait!’ said Dr. Williams, “Take this.” He handed her a pistol, “Just in case. And be careful, if you need me, yell.” Alex took the gun and looked at it “Are you kidding?! You think I’ve used one of these?” Dr. Williams reminded her that her father was a detective who needed to practice using firearms. She then remembered as a child she would go into the backyard and watch her dad practice shooting targets. She remembered how to use a gun after all the exposure to it she had as a child. She put the gun behind her back and slowly approached the hut. Without hearing much movement she went up to the door. She took a deep breath. She knocked on the door and right away it opened. “Oh my god..” The man said. He took off his glasses and there he was. Brian miller. “Dad..” She said as she cried and gave him a hug. He was surprised to see her so soon. He told her he had planned out that picture with the sunglasses in hopes she had not given up on finding him and that she would come looking for him but he was not expecting to see it this fast. Brain explained that he was not the actual killer but the infinity killer held him hostage because he wanted information on the town and knew brian could give that to him. And now he was using Brian as a communication line to know when and where it was safe to come to Maine. 


“He won’t be here until the 1st. We have time to make a plan to take him down.” Said Brian. Alex then explained to him that she wanted to take him down but she knew that the infinity killer was the cause of his death. She was afraid that if he got too involved then the infinity killer would kill Brian. She told her father that he could help behind the scenes with information and background for the infinity killer but he can not come with her when she goes to take him down. Her dad agreed with her and brought Alex and Dr. Williams into the hut. Brian pulled out his laptop and began showing them all the notes he had taken over these past seven years. Common behaviors, his name, signature looks, and hints as to what his plan was and where he was planning on hiding and who his victims were going to be. 


They took a look and got a face to the name. He was a tall pale man with brown eyes and brown curly hair. He looked young and seemed to be in his early thirties. Brian began explaining that he is not as dangerous as he seems. Granted his plans are extreme but he is not as much of an expert as people think and his plans tend to have a lot of flaws. For example, he was planning​ to go out on halloween night to take kids. Does he think that the kids won’t be with parents or friends? Without any help how would he be able to take an entire young group of kids. Also, if he plans on striking people before Halloween, why would the town then allow children to go out and trick or treat while knowing a killer was on the loose?


They were going to use this against him. Brian then began to tell her information about when he was coming to Maine. He was planning on coming October 1st and arriving at exactly 2 a.m. Alex knew she had to be at the airport when he arrived so she could get his location and track him. Brian then told her that his real name was Jackson Infin. He did actually believe he would be around for infinity because he created a device that could keep him young and well forever. After they discussed this information, Alex came up with a plan. “Okay, Dad when he gets here on the 1st you need to focus on distracting him at the bag check when he gets to the airport. Dr. Williams you need to stay in your car and I can put a small camera on my head and we can use the watch to communicate. You need to use your computer from the car to help me find which bag is his. Then my part comes in. I will grab the bag and take the device out of the bag and put the bag back as if nothing happened.” Dr. Williams and Brian were impressed that she was able to come up with this plan so quickly. Alex was proud of herself for the first time in a while. 


Alex and Dr. Williams said goodbye to her father and headed home. The next few days just consisted of planning and getting everything. Dr. Williams was able to make a camera the size of a piece of dirt for Alex to stick on her forehead so Dr. Williams could see what she saw. As the last day of September was almost over Alex’s nerves began to kick in. This all just seemed like a dream. She was terrified. She needed her fathers help but she did not want to put him in danger. But then again so many citizens were in danger too and if there was anything she could do to stop it, she would. 


It was 12 a.m. On october 1st. They had just arrived at the airport and got everything set up. They did a quick test to make sure the cameras and watches were working and sure enough they were. Alex and her dad walked into the airport separately so they did not look like they were together. Brian walked to the bag check as did Alex but they entered from different entrances. Brain spotted Jackson. He approached him and said “Hello sir, your cab is no longer coming. I have a car waiting outside for us. I can drive to the hut from here.” Jackson looked at him suspiciously “Where’d you get the car and how?” Brian’s face turned red. “Well sir I believe you forgot, I lived here before you took me. It is my car. The windows are tinted sir, no one will see us.” Jackson looked relieved “Okay. Just let me get my bag.” Meanwhile Dr. Williams had helped Alex spot the bag and the only thing left to do was take the device inside of it. Jackson turned around but before he could Brian grabbed his shoulder “Wait, how was your flight sir, bagcheck could take a while.” Jackson agreed and began to tell him how the trip was. 


“Okay Dr. Williams the bag is spotted. I am going to grab it and take out the device and then put it back to go through another cycle of the conveyor belt.” Dr. Willams agreed that this was a good idea. Alex looked at her father and Jackson and took a deep breath. She slowly and carefully approached the bag and grabbed it before anyone could see. She opened it and there it was. The device. She took it and put it into her bag. Before she could put Jacksons bag back on the belt she heard a yell “Hey!” She turned around and there was Jackson looking at her. “Um yes?” She asked as if nothing had happened. Jackson took the bag from her and said “Excuse you, this is my backpack.” She looked at the bag and back at him. “Oh, I am sorry sir, that’s my fault. I really shouldn’t bring a black backpack everywhere with me. It’s always so hard to tell them apart. Have a nice night.” She said with a smile and walked away. Dr. Williams was impressed with how she handled that situation and told her that and she thanked him. She got to the exit of the airport and then sprinted to the car. 


“Quick, they will be here in 5 minutes. Clear out all of the gear and hide in the back with me.” Alex told Dr. Williams. They quickly got to work to break down all of the gear and tossed it in the trunk. They then hid in the back of the car where they couldn’t be seen. Brian and Jackson approached the car and Brian opened the door. Everyone in the car was slightly uneasy about what was about to happen. Alex came up with a new plan on the fly. She texted Dr. Williams to explain her plan. 


I still have the gun with me. I am going to come up behind Jackson and hold him in a headlock. Gun pointed to his head. He is going to confess while you film the whole thing and I’ll have my dad drive to the police station to turn him in after. – Alex  


Ok sounds like a good plan. Be careful – Dr. William        


Alex came up behind Jackson and put him in a headlock. She pointed the gun at his head and he only resisted for a moment and then gave in. “So, this is your daughter Brian?” Brian looked at him, smiled and nodded. “I see why you saw so much potential in her. Now you three can try as hard as you want but I will always be here. The worse you do, the longer I will seek revenge and the worse it will be.” Alex took the device from her bag. “I don’t think you will.” The car stopped. She handed the device to her father who stepped outside of the car and destroyed it. They all looked at Jackson who looked broken. “You can’t stop me. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this day. I may not be around forever but you won’t stop me from killing.” Jackson yelled. Brian got back into the car while the gun was still pointed at Jackson’s head. He was no longer resisting. It was almost as if he accepted defeat. Brian began to talk “After all these years, you kept me from my home, my daughter, my life, and for what? For you to kill innocent people? Well now it’s my turn to take your life away from you. We are on our way to the police station. We are showing them the video of you admitting to everything. If you pull any shit and try to escape, she’s pulling the trigger. No questions asked.” The car remained silent. Alex did not move a muscle, keeping the gun aimed at his head and keeping her arm wrapped around her neck. 


They arrived at the police station. Alex stayed put while Brian got the cops to come outside. They took Jackson outside of the car and put him in handcuffs. Alex noticed the word on her fathers head change. Old age. She smiled. Brian turned and gave her a hug. “Thank you for not giving up. I am so proud of you.” He said. She smiled and thanked him. They watched as Brian was brought into the station with a look of defeat on him. “We will take care of him from here.” The chief of police told them. They nodded their heads and walked away. 


Brian had to go back to the hut to gather his things and return home. Dr. Williams and Alex got into the car after dropping him off. They drove to Dr. Williams headquarters. “So, we did a good job huh?” He said looking at Alex. “Yes. Yes we did.” She said, he looked at her. “I was thinking. We took down one of the hardest cereal killers to take down and we found your father in a matter of a couple days. Think about it, we make an amazing detective team. And with your father around, your special power, skills, and my gadgets and his special skills, we could really make a difference.” He said. Alex looked at him and smirked “Are you proposing we make our own detective team and solve cases?” She said, “Possibly..?” He said looking at her with a look of hope. She walked over to him and hugged him. “Thank you for helping me find my father. You’re the best partner I could’ve asked for.” He looked at her “Partner?” He asked, and she looked at him and smiled. “Welcome to the team Detective Williams.” They shook hands and now Alex had discovered who she was. Detective Alex Miller.  


The End.