Spring in New England


Sophia Gilchrist '23, Writer

The flowers have finally bloomed

High up in the sky is the sun

It isn’t until 7 pm that the sun sets

There are constant drizzles of rain

The outside finally looks pretty

The temperature has risen, it is finally warm


Outside, the sun is warm

The rose bushes are blooming

Watching the sunrise is so pretty

My skin is beginning to tan from the sun

There is a nice cooling from the rain

The day ends by watching the sunset


Going to a lookout to watch the sunset
The weather makes me feel happy and warm

There is nothing quite refreshing as spring rain

There is a quickness to the flowers blooming

After months of snow and cold, we finally get the sun

Life finally becomes pretty


New England in the spring is always the prettiest

Waiting all day in anticipation of the colorful sunset

Everything revolves around sitting beneath the sun

Finally feeling warm

Watching the flowers bloom 

They get hydration from the spring rain


April marks the season of rain

The showers cause nature to become pretty

The plants all around are in constant bloom

There is nothing that brings so much joy as a spring sunset

Life finally feels welcoming and warm

Spring brings happiness from the sun


All around the area, people embrace the warm sun

Although, they get happy when it rains

The spring months make the heart feel warm

May makes the world feel pretty

The most important part of the day is always the sunset 

Finally, all the flowers have bloomed


Finally, there is constant sun, it makes the world feel pretty

After the rain, there are always the best sunsets

The weather being warm, the flowers thrive and bloom