Woman of the Month: Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj


Valeria Centinaro '23, Writer

This month’s excerpt of ‘Woman of the Month’ highlights Ms. Bhardwaj, a member of Austin Prep’s science faculty. A caring, compassionate, and optimistic individual, Ms. Bhardwaj is an exemplary model of how to inspire and motivate young people towards success. Her kindness and courage radiates onto the people around her, as she shifts the dynamic of the school in a positive light. The month of April is known for its sunshine, and that is exactly what Ms. Bhardwaj displays in or out of the classroom, always spreading joy and positivity! 

Prior to Austin Prep, Ms. Bhardwaj worked as a Teacher’s Assistant educating Oceanography courses while she studied for her undergraduate. Lucky for us, Oceanography is also a semester course offered at Austin taught by Ms. Bhardwaj! It is an interactive and compelling course, and one of the “favorites,” that Austin has to offer! Ms. Bhardwaj has also taken the time to work at the New England Aquarium at the ‘Daily Penguin Talks’, as well as ‘The Bird Shows’ at Southwick’s Zoo! Her passion for marine species soon led her to be a teacher at Austin Prep, shortly after getting her Master’s Degree at the prestigious Boston University! As if she wasn’t outstanding enough, Ms. Bhardwaj also works as a T.A at Harvard University for Conservation Biology and Marine Bio courses, and teaches Marine Environmental Science at Cornell University! 

As a woman in science, Ms. Bhardwaj is of great inspiration to young females at Austin Prep, but additionally, an inspiration to all when it comes to passion and expression. Ms. Bhardwaj’s love for science motivated her to share her knowledge with students. Her passion, pride, and overall excitement for the material shine onto her students, creating a positive, overwhelmingly joyful environment. As stated in her interview, Ms. Bhardwaj says, “I have a fervent desire to ensure that as an educator, I am bringing out the inherent scientific curiosity within students that they may have not even known they had.” As a student in her 2021-2022 Marine Science & Oceanography Courses, it is adequate to say that Ms. Bhardwaj has brought out a love for science and experimentation that myself and other students didn’t know we had. Coming from the perspective of an Advisee and Student, Junior Taylor Grohe expresses, “Her contagious smile, uplifting spirit, and creativity in her assignments create a classroom environment like no other. She is an amazing role model for myself, and other young women interested in exploring their interest in STEM.” 

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Bhardwaj continues her love for the outdoors and species by hiking and birding. She loves spending time with her pets, reading a good book, and eating Chipotle!! Ms. Bhardwaj is the kind of person that is always willing to lend a helping hand and assist anyone who may need it. Her patience is key in the classroom, and her sympathy stands out to all. 

Ms. Bhardwaj, like many others, is a hard worker and believes in success when one puts their mind to it. However, her warm-hearted and continuous positivity is what sets her apart.  Although enduring moments of difficulty in her life, she has persevered through them with extreme courage and sacrifice. Ms. Bhardwaj succeeded in the face of adversity when her mother was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer. Furthermore, she had to put a pause on her studies in order to take care of her mother. Her love and big heart were of great importance, as she worked to earn her degree early and give her mother the opportunity to see her graduate- an irreplaceable gift. The struggles and challenges she faced along the way made it seem like an impossible task, but with faith and determination, she was able to take care of her mother and finish her undergraduate degree at the same time. Through all her hard work, she was even given the chance to speak at Capitol Hill with the National Brain Tumor Society. As a woman in Science, a woman of kindness, and an admirable individual, Ms. Bhardwaj continues to inspire young women in the AP community to work hard, and study what they love. Ms. Bhardwaj states, “I urge young women in the community to stand up for what they believe in and to remember that you can do anything you set your mind to if you are willing to work for it.” Persistence, passion, and perseverance drove Ms. Bhardwaj to success and where she is today, and continues to be an outstanding example of what it means to be a BOLD Woman!