Woman of the Month: Madame Kerrianne Barry

Woman of the Month: Madame Kerrianne Barry

Valeria Centinaro '23, Writer

This month’s excerpt on Women of the Month highlights Mrs. Kerianne Barry, Austin Prep’s French Teacher.  Madame Barry’s determination and strength shine on everyone she interacts with and leaves a lasting impression on her students. With a degree in French and Mathematics, Mrs. Barry has been educated in the Math field, as well as in French which she prefers, stating that, “traveling and immersing myself in the language and culture, both in France and in Québec, and being able to share this enthusiasm with my students brings me fulfillment.” Mrs. Barry is an understanding, optimistic, and caring teacher, who sees potential in each and every one of her students.  When asked about why she decided to become a teacher, Mrs. Barry mentioned that her passion for the field began when she was young, as she often played “teacher” with her family. Her aunt served as a role model and directed her into the path of teaching, where Mrs. Barry truly found her calling, and it grew more as she entered adulthood, saying that she “played the role of ‘teacher’ to my brother, peers, and even in the jobs I took on while in college and also when getting my Masters degree.”

With it being her second year at Austin, Madame Barry has become a natural when it comes to living out the Austin Prep message every day. She continues to work diligently with her students, and is known to have the best energy at school! She stands out from the rest because of the empathy and passion she displays to her students in her teaching.  French IV Honors Student Fiona Cullen ‘23 spoke on Mrs. Barry’s significance to the school saying, “Mrs. Barry is very energetic! Her enthusiasm and power bring so much value to the classroom. Her lessons are engaging and I find myself along with other peers, always in her room- even when we don’t have her class because it is a welcoming environment that brings people in the community together.”

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Barry continues to show her involvement in the community by supporting her students in their own passions. You will be sure to see her at school performances and athletic events since it brings her joy to see her students express themselves outside the classroom environment. In addition to school events outside the classroom, Mrs. Barry is very active and loves to try new things! She played basketball, soccer, and softball throughout college, and tried track & field her senior year of Highschool.  She enjoys going on runs to clear her mind, trying out new recipes, and attending classes at her local barre studio! A fun fact about Mrs. Barry is that she took guitar lessons over the summer! She is never afraid to try something new, and encourages her students to do the same.  Some of Mrs. Barry’s proudest achievements are earning two Master’s Degrees, attending classes at Sorbonne University in Paris, as well as leaving a job in Finance to live out her true passions as a teacher. All these achievements and more display Madame Barry’s work ethic, and her ideals of never giving up. Her energy and enthusiasm is absorbed by her students, which is something that carries on throughout their life. On top of all these accomplishments, Mrs. Barry is proud to say that her children are her biggest achievement. She proudly states, “They give me purpose and help me realize what is important in life. They make me want to be that strong, independent woman so that they can support, respect, and be among the ones that continue to break the barriers and reach for the stars.” 

As a woman in society, Mrs. Barry has many ideals that she lives by, that truly exemplifies everything that the BOLD Program is all about. Hard work, determination, but most importantly- knowledge. Madame expresses that knowledge can truly get you far in life, and she suggests that her students stay patient, persistent, and continue to learn. She states, “the more you put yourself out there, the more you will build confidence. Also, surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself, and don’t waste your time with those that make you doubt your abilities. You will never impress them. Instead, become a leader and make them want to be better versions of themselves. Lead by example.” 

Madame truly lives out the Austin life, as well as BOLD’s message in her everyday life, and is just another incredible example of the courageous women of the Austin Prep community, that continue to put hard work into their success, and never give up!