Time Flies


Anonymous, Writer

I was always one with the hours 

Consistently watching and listening to the tick of the clock 

Mesmerized by the passage of time 

I never understood my obsession 

Constantly needing to know where those stupid little hands were On the pale, static face 

Maybe I found security 

Security in the fact that they would always be there without fail Ticking away through the chaos of life 

Maybe it comforted me 

That each day, 2:30 or 7:15 or any given time would arrive 

Come what may 

Maybe it was just nice to know 

That everyone was experiencing this second, substantial or not in the scheme of life No matter the place or time zone 

Despite all of this appreciation for time 

I never lived in the moment, never seized the day as the poets would write Until I met you 

With you, I never checked the clock 

Because the only thing that mattered was that I was in your presence