The Crisis in Ukraine and How AP’s Community Can Help


Katie Godowski

Woman holding sign saying “Make Love Not War” in New York, USA

Sasha Callaway '23, Editor-in-Chief of 'The Legend'

For the past 8 years, Russia and Ukraine have been at war due to disputes over territory. Throughout this time, over 16,000 civilians have been killed, there have been countless injuries, and around 1.5 million people displaced from their homes. But over the course of February, tensions have escalated to the point in which Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, declared a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the morning of February 24th. The repercussions of this action have the potential to be unfathomable and the similarity that this situation holds to the origins of WWII is increasingly unsettling. Although Austin Prep students and friends can offer little help in actually settling this conflict, there are plenty of ways in which YOU can step in to help those who are in need. 


Donate Your Dollars

Through these verified links below, readers of this article can donate money directly to Ukrainian resources which will help to fund logistical support and medical supplies.

Donate towards the Ukranian Military 


Donate Towards Medical Supplies and Humanitarian Relief: 


To Provide Aid for the Volunteers: 


To Assist Ukraine’s Veterans:


To Help the Affected Children:


Sign Petitions

If money is not available to donate to this cause, there are other ways in which you can provide assistance to the crisis in Ukraine that is free of charge. Furthermore, the links below are petitions that you can sign for a variety of specific causes. 


Raise Awareness

Another way in which one can offer support to Ukraine is to stay informed and to promote verified information. A great place to start is just by watching and/or reading the news from reputable sources such as CNN, Fox News, Apple News, and your local newspaper service. Aid Ukraine by clearing the clouded air by gathering information and sharing it with your peers. In doing so, there is a greater chance that the sources linked above will gain more support and aid. Therefore, by spreading awareness and knowledge the crisis in Ukraine will gain assistance.