‘Midnights’ Easter Eggs

Midnights Easter Eggs

`Taylor Swift released her new album on October 21st. Along with a new album, comes speculation. As swifties know, Taylor always loves to hide easter eggs throughout her announcements for new songs. We don’t know much about her album, but we do know that it is called “Midnights” and there will be 13 tracks in total, which coincidentally is Taylor’s favorite number! Now, why 13 you ask? Just because it’s her favorite number, explains the reason for the track numbers being 13, right? No. Taylor has sung “midnight” in 6 of her songs, as well as singing “middle of the night” in 7 of her songs. Now, what does this have to do with her album? 7 and 6 add up to 13! This is just one of many hidden easter eggs Taylor has planted for us.

The most noticeable easter egg, however, is Taylor’s TikTok. She posts a series of tik-toks called “Midnights Mayhem With Me.” In these videos, she rolls a blower (“technologically advanced device”, she calls it) and gets a piece of paper with the track number on it. This allows her to announce her tracks in a random order, and it keeps people guessing. Let’s get one thing clear: it certainly did. Her first video of “Midnights Mayhem With Me” got 10.6 million views! People just can’t resist knowing more about Taylor Swift’s songs! Her last video was on October 7th, and her most recent video on October 17th was a timeline of the last week before her album release! Clearly, she can’t get enough of sneaking hints on her album!

Other than easter eggs and hidden secrets, there are also fan theories. Now keep in mind, these “swifties” can stretch things very far. Like very far. One theory is that this album,  Midnights will be the “sister” album to Taylor’s old album Lover. While Lover focuses on the brightness and daylight of love, Midnights will focus on exploring the darkness and randomness of midnight, hence the name of the album. Another theory is that Taylor’s album could be on her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, as her songs in the past have been about previous relationships. This is because on her cover, she is holding a lighter, and as fans know, Joe said in an interview that he likes to collect lighters. This could be a hint that this album includes songs about her boyfriend.

To say the least, everyone is excited to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album. Whether you’re a swiftie staying up until midnight to listen, or reading this article and have heard it for the first time, you’re bound to love it! Taylor’s easter eggs have been fun to crack open, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the music!