Art Wing: Hidden Gem of Austin Prep


Ayla Urquizo '23, Writer

Austin Prep consists of many different learning environments throughout the school; however, there is one section of the school that stands out the most for being the best learning environment: the Art Wing. The Art Wing classrooms are the optimum learning spaces and environments in the school because it is separated from the busy and noisy halls and the classrooms have lots of space to be decorated nicely with furniture and colors.

Although some may say that the Art wing is too far from everything, I say that it is the very fact that it is secluded that it is a cozy and quiet place of learning. Most students’ classes are located somewhere in the main section of Austin Prep. All the classrooms are right next to each other and only separated by a thin wall. Most times, students can get distracted because of the noises and talking going on in the room next door. For example, during a quiz or test, a student might not be able to concentrate if the class next door is being too loud. It is true that the Art Wing is farther from most classes at Austin Prep, but, since it is separated, there are no outside noises or loud classes going on around the learning space. Shouldn’t giving a student the best workspace possible be the number one priority? Being able to concentrate on just the work in front of them can make all the difference for a student. The quiet and non-disruptive environment can lead to students being more attentive and concentrated on their work.

Another reason why the Art Wing is the best environment for learning in Austin Prep is because the classrooms are set up and decorated perfectly for learning. Especially in the art room, there are bright colors and paintings all around and the room which gives a good and motivating feeling to it. Most of the paintings on the walls are student made, this is a good way to inspire others to create their own works of art. It also makes the student artists who made them proud to see their work on display. The rooms in the Art Wing are also spacious and are decorated nicely with furniture. They do not have only the boring and regular desks, but also colorful and comfy furniture. Even in the art room, they have long spacious desks set up instead of the small ones that other classrooms have. Each of these decorative items all play a big part in how students learn. From personal experience, students work better in a comfy and engaging environment instead of a bland small room. This school expects good things from their students, but to do their best work, students must be provided with adequate learning environments, just how a soccer player will play much better on a high quality field instead of a poor field. Our academics will rise to the environment.

Austin Prep has many different sections of the school, all with their own attributes. However, out of all the floors and sections of Austin Prep, the Art Wing is by far the best learning space for students. To sum up, the Art Wing is a secluded environment, so it stays quiet and non-disruptive. It also is well decorated and well supplied which gives it an engaging and educational feeling. So, both these attributes play a big role in how students are able to learn better in the art wing classrooms than a dull and compact room.