APVGS Finals!


Ainsley Golini '23, Writer

This year the Austin Prep varsity girls soccer (APVGS) had one of their best seasons ever, finishing the season with an outstanding record of 17-4-2, and 3rd ranked in the state by the Boston Globe. This season, the team carried 20 girls in total with 6 new players- some brought up from JV and others new to the Austin Prep community. 


Tim Phelan, the head coach for varsity had a big season as well, with his 100th career win against Cardinal Spellman. Tim didn’t want to take the credit for any of the team’s achievements and stated in the Boston Globe, “I’m a realist. I haven’t scored one goal, made one assist, or made one save for any of these 100 wins. This is all about the players and not me”. As a player, it’s alleviating to have an amazing coach like Tim, who applauds his team for his success. As a member of this team since my freshman year, I can say that we truly are all great friends. Because of how close we all are, we stand out from other teams. Our game and the way we play is that much stronger because we trusted everyone would give the team 150% of their effort. The APVGS team’s season came to an end on November 12th in the round of 8 in the state cup. This game was a game well fought  through and through. There was never a moment where someone didn’t give the team 150% of their effort even the players who didn’t make it on the field. During this game we truly lived up to Tims “We not me” mentality. I could not be more proud of what our team accomplished this season. Lastly, a special shoutout to the seniors, Nyree Kourkounian, Sam Maccormack, and Cat Gallagher, thank you for everything and good luck with all that you will accomplish in the future.