Begin Again: Dud Theory or Easter Egg?

Emma Losolfo '24, Writer

Everyone knows Swifties are notorious for their outlandish theories, from the Woodvale theory that turned them into mathematicians, to the absolute chaos that is 1989 re-recording ideas. Taylor Swift fans have turned into anxious detectives, constantly on their toes and questioning her next move–what era are we in? Is this a coincidence or an Easter Egg? (hint: nothing with Taylor Swift is a coincidence). 

There have been many theories regarding the re-recording of Taylor’s fourth studio album, Red. Everyone was shocked when the re-recording was announced, due to the surplus of 1989 Easter Eggs. Some die-hard believers still think 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is coming before the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), the date of which has been moved up to November 12. However, the most recent Red theory that, if I’m being honest, I completely believed in, has turned out to be another dud. 

On Wednesday, October thirteenth, Swifties were convinced they’d be getting a rerecorded Begin Again. One of the most iconic lyrics in Begin Again is, “And on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” Taylor’s lucky number just so happens to be thirteen, so Wednesday the thirteenth would have been the perfect release date. More evidence behind this theory was the fact that a pre-order sale of Red (Taylor’s Version) merch was set to end at 3:59 eastern time, and Begin again is three minutes and fifty-nine seconds long. 

Taylor Nation, the Instagram account for Taylor’s team, made a post announcing the end of the sale and included the Begin Again lyric, “Watch it begin again…” It was also reported that the post was posted, deleted, and then posted again, meaning the post “began again”. The comments were flooded with excited fans speculating about the release of Begin Again (Taylor’s Version). Every Swiftie was watching the clock tick towards 3:59 PM, hoping that they’d have a new song to listen to by the end of the day. In the end, this theory ended up being a flop. However, I’m a firm believer that every piece of evidence may still be an Easter Egg pointing to the re-release of Begin Again.